Central Coast and Northern California joint Chapter Meeting at Seascape Golf Club was a spectacular meeting. Jim and Mark Morris knocked it out of the park. Well attended, the members were given a history of the evolution of carpet cleaning, including the different methods and machinery used.

Attendees were able to have hands on training and use the latest technology of encapsulation, low moisture cleaning methods and equipment.

In addition to Jim and Mark’s presentation, we had a virtual presentation by CFI website wizard Chauncey Haworth. After father and son provided hands-on demonstrations covering low moisture cleaning of carpet and upholstery, Chauncey provided technical help with login access to the CFI website.

Attendees were rewarded with the Morris’s generosity, who provided a buffet lunch. What more can we ask for, great information, networking, fabulous location, plenty to eat and a full bar overlooking the golf course!
Thank you, Jim and Mark!

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute