Meet the Experts February 2nd, 2022

Meet the Experts February 2nd, 2022
Meet the Experts February 2nd, 2022

Wednesday February 2, 2022, 6:00 pm

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Meet Our Expert Ron Toney of the School of Surface Technology

Ron Toney is one of the industry’s leading presenters with a track record spanning three decades. As one of the first instructors approved by the IICRC, Ron conducts classes all over the United States and Canada.

Ron understands cleaning from all perspectives. He is widely recognized for his accomplishments in manufacturing, installation and cleaning. He has worked in all areas of carpet production, including mending and as a tufting machine operator. He has taught the earliest certification courses and has been teaching industry course for 30 years and developed the first IICRC inspection programs.

Ron will be speaking about:

  • Find out just how adding upholstery and fabric cleaning to your lists of services can increase your profits.
  • Upholstery problems and solutions
  • Specialty Fabric Cleaning
  • Simplified steps to cover all the bases
  • Fibers and dyes and staying out of trouble