Meet the Experts October 6th, 2021

Meet the Experts October 6th, 2021
Meet the Experts October 6th, 2021

Wednesday October 6, 2021, 6:00 pm

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Dan Humbert:
Valley Stone Care,
Third Generation Expert in Stone Care!

My Father, and his father before him (my Grandfather), passed down the art of Stone Care from generation to generation. I was fortunate to have generations of expertise and knowledge at my fingertips to become the craftsman that I am today.

The stone restorer applies his art by choosing how to make the stone look its best while being ever so conscious of the customers’ time and money. I have the pleasure to teach my passion throughout the United States to eager stone restoration students. Please join me on this live interactive webinar on Wed, October 6, 2021 to see if diversifying into Stone Care is right for you. The information that I will be sharing doesn’t come from books, but from three generations of experience and knowledge.

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming CFI hands-on training course in 2022.

Dan will be speaking about:

Great potential income stream and ROI (Return on Investment).
How difficult is it to learn and master the stone care craft?
What necessary equipment do you need?
How to minimize risk and what to avoid when first beginning.
How to market this service to existing or new clients.