Success Wisdom January 5th, 2022

Success Wisdom January 5th, 2022
Success Wisdom January 5th, 2022

Wednesday January 5, 2022, 6:00 pm

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Join in the discussion, for part one of this 3 part Success Wisdom webinar series, and get fired up about cleaning! Get insights from host’s Roby Harris, Bill Yeadon and their 3 panelists on specific topics and learn how they implement these procedures into their successful businesses.

CFI webinar series provide the only online live interactive format for professional cleaners. Take the steps today, to strengthen your business, and register to receive your unique access code to attend.

This is your chance to get great ideas on how to improve your business.

  • The best ways to ensure client’s satisfaction!
  • How to handle client’s personal belongings and accessories!
  • The importance of attention to details to serve the client better!
  • How to handle furniture moving.
  • Ways to accelerate drying time!
  • Post cleaning, grooming, and importance of a quality check.