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Meet the Experts with Tom Forsythe #20220406

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In this Webinar

Our guest will be Tom Forsythe, Chemist Operations Manager

Tom Forsythe

Tom Forsythe has worked as the chemist for Bridgepoint Systems for over 20 years and has developed more than 200 products. He has formulated multiple fluoro-chemical protector products in both the original C8 version and the current C6 versions as well as a few polymeric protectors.

For a thorough understanding about protectors and how to boost your profit line, CFI presents Tom Forsyth, the chemist who formulates Bridgepoint Systems cleaning products. Attend this in-depth, truthful discussion and the latest developments about protectors. Use this knowledge to best utilize this very profitable service for your customers and business.

Tom will be speaking about:

  • Understanding the 3 types of protectors – repellents, dye blockers and hybrids
  • Which type of protector is best for which fabric
  • How to sell this beneficial service for outstanding profits
  • What about safety and environmental concerns raised. Are protectors hazardous?
  • Special considerations regarding designer and specialty fabrics and textiles