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Meet the Experts Webinar

Meet the Experts features presentations and interviews with top industry leaders. Topics are geared towards all aspects of running a successful business in our industry. Hear firsthand how these individuals became successful. Why not learn from the experts?

  • Meet the Experts with Tom Forsythe #20220406

    Meet the Experts with Tom Forsythe #20220406

    Our guest will be Tom Forsythe, Chemist Operations Manager Tom Forsythe has worked as the chemist for Bridgepoint Systems for over 20 years and has developed more than 200 products. He has formulated multiple fluoro-chemical protector products in both the original C8 version and the current C6 versions as well as a few polymeric protectors.…

  • Meet the Experts with Steve Marsh

    Meet the Experts with Steve Marsh

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Sin Miedo Al Éxito! Webinar

Welcome to “Sin Miedo Al Éxito!”, the monthly Spanish-speaking webinar series designed for the Hispanic community in the carpet cleaning industry. Join our panel of five professional cleaners and business owners for a roundtable discussion packed with invaluable information.

  • Sin Miedo Al Éxito! #20220810

    Sin Miedo Al Éxito! #20220810

    Opciones para su logo de su camioneta Lo que debe asegurarse de que esté incluido en el logo de su empresa La importancia de la consistencia de su empresa Códigos QR, redes sociales, etc. Costos, Mantenimiento, Duration

  • Sin Miedo Al Éxito! #20220713

    Sin Miedo Al Éxito! #20220713

    Azulejos y masilla de relleno : qué aser para mantenerse fuera de problemas – Victor Domingues Parte 4 Limpieza de piel y hidratación- Miguel Rodriguez Parte 1 Limpieza de baja humedad – Eloy Flores Parte 1 Problemas con pisos de linóleo y laminados – Jose Solorzano Parte 2 Alfombras de pared a pared – Tony San Giovanni Parte…

Success Wisdom Webinar

Success Wisdom features a panel of successful business owners and business leaders who discuss the “tricks of the trade” and methods they have utilized to help them become successful.

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