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  • Success Wisdom #20210106 - Panelist - Scott Gwilliam I started my own carpet cleaning business in 2004,Carpet Tech Services. I quickly became the Valley’s “carpet guru” and go-to cleaner, especially for problematic cleaning issues and commercial carpet corrections or technical issues. One of my current focuses is educating the design community on rug fibers,… Watch the Webinar
  • Tune in and Join Jessika, Roby, and guest Panelist, Steve Marsh - Steve Marsh is the master at starting and developing highly profitable companies. He has decades of experience actually doing the cleaning work, everything from filthy apartments to $20 million mansions. He has interacted with thousands of consumers solving a huge array of problems. On the technical side, when he tells… Watch the Webinar
  • Success Wisdom with Scott Gwilliam and Elliot Atlas - Scott Gwilliam has over 17 years of experience under his belt. He is the owner of Carpet Tech Services, where he has gained a reputation as the "carpet guru" and the go-to cleaner for commercial carpet corrections and problematic cleaning issues. However, Scott's expertise goes beyond just cleaning carpets, tiles,… Watch the Webinar
  • Success Wisdom #20210407 - Watch the Webinar
  • Success Wisdom #20220504 - Join in the discussion, for part one of this 3 part Success Wisdom webinar series, and get fired up about cleaning! Get insights from host's Roby Harris, Bill Yeadon and their 3 panelists on specific topics and learn how they implement these procedures into their successful businesses.  CFI webinar series provide the only… Watch the Webinar
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