About The Carpet and FabriCare Institute


CFI IS Your Voice To Our Industry

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
Stakeholder of the IICRC

CFI Mission Statement

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute is a floor and carpet cleaning association who’s mission is to improve and advance Textile and Flooring Care Professionals in the Cleaning, Restoration, Remediation and Inspection Industries, by motivating members to achieve the highest standards of Professionalism, Customer Service and Ethical Behavior.

CFI shall provide it’s members opportunities for Professional Development, Beneficial Business Relationships, Business Success and Industry Promotion.

CFI Member Code of Ethics

  • Maintain the highest professional standards of workmanship and service to our customers.
  • Conduct our business affairs with honesty and integrity, never resorting to unfair trade practices that might reflect not only on our association but our entire industry.
  • Avoid misrepresentations of products and services, false promises, misleading advertising or, any other promotion of our work that might lead to misconceptions on the part of the consumer.
  • Share our knowledge and experience with fellow members for the benefit of all members and the advancement of our industry.
  • Participate in educational workshops and seminars to improve our own expertise and keep abreast of new developments in technology.
  • Do everything possible to enhance the reputation of our members as skilled professional cleaners and restorers, offering honest, dependable and competent service to the consumer.

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