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CFI: A Professional Carpet Cleaning Association

Carpet Cleaning Associations are groups of people who are part of the industry. The goal is to provide education, training and resources for members. Carpet cleaning associations are a great way to know more about carpet cleaning, attend networking events and conferences, and share information about your business. Plus, you can go to associations for advice on how to start a carpet cleaning company! What is a carpet cleaning association?

Becoming a Member of A Carpet Cleaning Association

You do not need any special qualifications in order to join an association but there may be fees involved with being a member depending on what type it is. To join an association as an individual, all you need is an interest in the profession and some time available for meetings or events. Interested in joining CFI? Click here to find out more about membership benefits.

Carpet Cleaning Association Membership

What is a Carpet Cleaning Association?

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute’s Mission is to improve and advance Textile and Flooring Care Professionals in the Cleaning, Restoration, Remediation and Inspection Industries, by motivating members to achieve the highest standards of Professionalism, Customer Service and Ethical Behavior.

Do carpet cleaning associations help my carpet cleaning business succeed?

Most often yes! As we said above: associations are made up of professionals from all levels within the industry so there will always be someone around who knows something about what you’re trying through right now – even if it hasn’t happened yet! Associations have resources that can help any size company grow.

What sort of benefits do carpet cleaning associations provide?

These include educational opportunities which range from classes taught by experts on specific topics like marketing strategy development or accounting practices through workshops focused around skills such as salesmanship training sessions aimed at developing professional connections within your field (and many others). There are also networking opportunities where members get together regularly with other members over food and drink while discussing current issues affecting our industry.

  • Marketing assistance, including educational materials and seminars
  • Customer service assistance, including legal aid and training for employees
  • Training for association members on industry standards, networking opportunities and trends
Carpet Cleaning Association Classes and Education

How can I join an association?

If you’re interested in joining an association, the first step is to find one near you. At the Carpet and Fabricare Institute we take great pride in what we do, but even if you choose another association, the lessons you can learn there are invaluable. There are carpet cleaning associations all across the country, each with different membership requirements. If you have any questions about your specific needs or concerns, call the association directly and ask a representative what they can do for you. Once they’ve given their pitch, ask them these questions:

What does it cost to join?

How often will I be charged? (Monthly? Annually?)

What benefits do I get as a member of this association?

How do they help members like me?

Now you’re aware of some of the benefits that come with joining carpet cleaning associations, it’s time to get involved!

The Carpet and Fabricare Institute at The Experience Convention in Las Vegas
The Carpet and Fabricare Institute at The Experience Convention in Las Vegas

Carpet cleaning associations have all sorts of resources to help your carpet cleaning business succeed.

Carpet cleaning associations have a lot of resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Marketing, training and education
  • Certification programs
  • Legal guidance and insurance advice
  • Accounting advice
  • Marketing support and sales assistance
  • Technology solutions that can improve your efficiency and profitability
The Carpet and FabriCare Institute