Unlock Your Business Potential at the Next SoCal Chapter Educational Event

Unlock Your Business Potential at the Next SoCal Chapter Educational Event

Running a successful carpet cleaning business requires more than just expertise in cleaning; it demands continuous learning and strategic growth. For owners of carpet cleaning businesses and members of CFI, the upcoming SoCal Chapter Educational Event presents an invaluable opportunity. This event promises a day packed with insightful presentations from industry experts.

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Owen Chamber

Protecting Your Business with Owen Chambers

Insurance might not be the most thrilling aspect of your business, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most critical. Owen Chambers, an insurance agent with 33 years of experience and 14 years specializing in commercial lines, will discuss “Protecting Your Assets – Insurance Needs for the Independent Operator and Small Business Owner.” Owen, the main contact for CFI members insured through Driscoll & Driscoll, understands the unique challenges faced by restoration and cleaning contractors. His session will focus on essential insurance coverage to safeguard your business assets, ensuring you have the necessary protection when you need it the most.

Lisa Wagner

High-End Services in a Competitive Market with Lisa Wagner

In today’s market, where budget options are plentiful, standing out with high-end services can be challenging. Lisa Wagner, a second-generation rug care expert and owner at Blatchford’s Rug Cleaning & Repair, will address this challenge in her presentation, “How to Sell High-End Services in a Cheap Rug World.” Lisa, who has developed extensive operational and marketing systems for the rug cleaning industry, will share strategies to market and sell premium services effectively. She will also cover contemporary issues like problem rugs and proper rug care solutions.

Mark Kennedy

Boosting Hiring and Retention with Mark Kennedy

Finding and keeping good employees can make or break your business. Mark Kennedy, author of “Secrets of the Carpet Cleaning Super-Giants,” will present on “New Hiring and Employee Retention.” Drawing on his experience as a former cleaning business owner and a consultant to some of the largest cleaning companies in the U.S., Mark will share his proven sales, marketing, and management systems. These systems have helped businesses increase their revenue significantly. His session will provide practical tips for attracting top talent, creating a positive work environment, and retaining employees.

Caleb Kennedy

Leveraging Google Ads with Caleb Kennedy

In the digital age, mastering online advertising is crucial for business growth. Caleb Kennedy, a Google Ads expert and partner at Levels of Success Program Inc., will discuss “Making Google Ads Work to Get Jobs.” Caleb’s expertise ranges from producing compelling video advertising campaigns to managing detailed Google Ads conversion campaigns. His session will include a Google Ads audit to help you understand your current performance and uncover hidden data that could optimize your advertising efforts. By leveraging Caleb’s insights, you can enhance your online presence, attract more customers, and increase your job bookings.

Why You Should Attend

Attending this educational event isn’t just about listening to presentations; it’s about engaging with industry leaders, networking with peers, and gaining actionable insights. The knowledge shared by Owen, Lisa, Mark, and Caleb will empower you to protect your business. It will help you market your services, hire and retain top talent, and maximize your advertising efforts.

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The SoCal Chapter Educational Event is an unparalleled opportunity for carpet cleaning business owners and CFI members to learn from industry experts and elevate

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