CFI’s objective is to help the dealer’s customers achieve their business goals.

Successful clients are repeat clients.
We teach your clients to succeed, so you don’t have to.
Save time and money by letting us answer their questions.
We teach the technical skills that go with the products you sell.

We provide a system to train, guide and encourage your carpet cleaning business owners to reach their goals, resulting in saving you time training them and enabling your customers to succeed become dedicated buyers of your equipment, services, and solutions.

We have assembled many of the industry’s top experts, instructors, inspectors, and successful business owners to guide your customers to succeed in business.

You can have confidence in the professionalism of the information taught through CFI.

We are using various formats to accomplish our aim.

  • Webinar Series
    (Panel discussions, expert guests, and roundtable discussions)
  • Group Coaching
  • Online/Interactive Training
  • Video and audio recorded training
  • One of our webinars is in the Spanish language
    (We are working to translate more of our training into the Spanish language.)

Some of our Expert Leaders

  • Aaron Groseclose
    (former owner of Master Blend and instructor)
  • Tim Baker
    (Head of education for Legend Brands)
  • Steve Marsh
    (Marketing expert, Instructor, 12-year columnist for Cleanfax magazine)
  • Jessika James
    (Carpet and restoration Instructor)

Current Tracks Your Customers Can Follow:

  • Starting a business
  • Increasing profitability
  • Technical training
  • Improving quality of clients/raising cleaning prices

Planned Additional Tracks

  • Marketing
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Retiring exit planning
  • Add-on services

Featured Benefits

  • Recorded Audio, Single Truck Success (The industry’s top-selling business development seminar endorsed by Prochem, Sapphire Scientific, and Joe Polish)
  • Recorded Video, Clean Like a Pro (Two-day carpet cleaning class condensed down to 93 minutes)
  • Online/Interactive Training, Single Truck Success Online (A 99 step process to building a successful cleaning company.)
  • Marketing Program, Source-Based Marketing (A marketing system designed to create ongoing sources of new customers ultimately resulting in a repeat/referral based clientele.)
  • Webinars Series
  • Resource library (Webinar, articles, recorded training events)

Steve Marsh Discusses the Single Truck Success Program

The Single Truck Success System is free to all members of CFI.

CFI Benefits for Your Clients

  • Single Truck Success Audio Training (Training for building a one-truck w/ no employees business that nets $100K per year)
  • STS Online (Steps and training to build a profitable business from start to profitable fast!)
  • Clean Like a Pro video (93 minutes containing all the basic training needed to clean carpets)
  • Source-Base Marketing (How to build sources of ongoing customers)
  • Webinar Series (Learn from top industry experts and owners how to build and run successful companies)
  • Single Truck Success Group Coaching
  • Library of archived webinars, articles, and other training
The Carpet and FabriCare Institute