Online Marketing Explained: Assessing Where Your Business is Online

Decoding Digital Success: Analyzing Your Business's Online Position

Hosted by: Chauncey Haworth

Assess where your business stands online with Chauncey Haworth in the debut episode of "Online Marketing Explained." Learn to boost your online presence, track marketing efforts, and improve effectiveness. Elevate your digital strategy today!
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Join us for an enlightening session of “Online Marketing Explained” with your host, Chauncey Haworth. In this inaugural webisode, titled “Assessing Where Your Business is Online,” we delve into the crucial aspects of evaluating your company’s current online presence.

Understanding where your business stands is paramount. Throughout this webinar, you will gain invaluable insights into various metrics and techniques for assessing your online presence effectively. From analyzing your website’s search engine ranking and traffic to enhancing your online reputation, Chauncey will guide you through practical tips and strategies that you can implement immediately.

Discover the importance of tracking your online marketing efforts and learn how to measure their effectiveness accurately. By the conclusion of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to propel your business forward in the digital realm.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your online marketing game and take your business to new heights. Join us for “Online Marketing Explained” as we unravel the mysteries of assessing where your business stands online.

all right Welcome to our first uh marketing explained webinar Let's see we got some people in our room Eloy opening up all of my questions and answers and chat if you guys have any questions you guys are welcome to use that uh look like we got Daryl Kathy Ralph showed up oh Ralph is back from vacation uh all right so this is going to be just a monthly webinar where we basically just talk about marketing and how to Market your business it's going to be taken very slowly and uh very rudiment I'm not sure if that's a word but it is tonight um we want to keep this as basic as possible we we're going to start doing those little things that actually will make a difference to start with and then eventually once we get down the way it might get more advanced but at this point it should be pretty easy stuff that uh will make your life easier all right so um you know you're always getting nervous here at the beginning because I'm not entirely sure if one topic is going to take up enough time or way too much time so I know we had a couple of topics advertised on the um flyer and we're definitely going to be touching down on those but maybe not as directly as answering those direct questions that were posed on the flyer so I'm going to share my screen to give me a little something to help guide me I put this together um I'm going to be slowly building this section out on the website if you're logged in on the website you can get to it by going down online marketing under your members profile if you're not logged into the website contact us and we'll we'll make sure you get in there so the first thing that I wanted to cover was really why you should learn marketing and I know it's a stupid question because we all pretty much know the value of marketing and advertising in this world the question I'm more addressing here is should a business owner operator still learn marketing even if you hired a marketing company and this is what I'm really trying to get across to a lot of you I don't expect anybody whose business is really kicking to have the time to do all their own marketing now when your business is first starting out you have no choice you do your own marketing you can't afford it uh you have the time might as well use it but as you start getting going you know you want to hire somebody else to do it but just still still want to learn you know and uh you want to learn for a couple of reasons you want like better Communications with your marketing company you know having any Communications with your marketing company you know most of most of my clients barely communicate with me I'm I'm available but uh they barely communicate with me and the better Communications you know allows you to have a better understanding of the message that you want to show and make being sure that everybody has their colors in order just even little things like that you know have open communication with your marketing company and the more you know the more you'll understand it's also important for cost management so doing any job takes time you're basically trading dollars for hours and you know a marketing company can say hey we should do this or you can say hey I read this maybe we should try that and the marketing company might be interested and the goal is to make the boss happy so we make the boss happy and we do it but you're not really thinking about the cost management of doing it so the more involved you are with understanding marketing the more you can have some degree of control over the effects and the value that you're getting out of those marketing efforts and then of course there's marketing knowledge for future Ventures other businesses anything that you want to do thinking outside of the box coming up with things that you haven't thought of doing before you know there it creates a lot of opportunity for you my suggestion would be if you have a marketing company depending on what price level you're paying at have a monthly or a weekly meeting with them and expect that monthly or weekly meeting to be educational expect them not only to report to you what happened but also kind of what that means and to explain it to you so that you can better better understand what they're doing okay so uh that is my warning for dealing with marketing companies uh you want to learn your marketing and get yourself a meeting once a month is fine but something for them to work towards so that they have something to talk to you about that you can learn from okay so uh looks like we got seven up in here and uh the first thing that we're going to talk about was on the flyer and this is probably one of the first things that people ask me is how can you tell if you're ranking or how do you know if you're ranking uh so I got a tool here that we're going to walk through how to use and I'm going to put it in the chat for everyone to see if you're interested uh bright local is the tool that I use it it I basically pay for it um if you were to pay for it for just one business it'd probably be 30 bucks a month something like that and you can run ranking reports and track them and it's automated so this tool is for people who are not paying for it and who are just using it to check one ranking at a time so it can be pretty time consuming but um you know worth it to get started and to understand and then once you understand maybe you'll think that spending the money is worthwhile on it now the one thing that you need to do that I didn't do here is when I open this whether you're linking it from here or you're linking it from the chat we want to be as Anonymous as possible and in order to do that we're going to open it in what's called a private or incognito window I'm personally uh on a not Mac is that still called a personal computer or an IBM clone I don't know so uh in Chrome I'm going to rightclick it and our third option down says open link in incognito window what this is doing is opening a fresh browser so you know how your browser stores your information and it stores your login information and that's why you can not keep track of your passwords like so many people do and be able to log in right away and then six months later wonder what happened to your password and run around the house looking for that piece of paper this will take you outside of that so this has taken us out of being logged into anything at all the one thing most in particular that we're logged out of right now is Google because I don't want Google to know where I'm at now they're still going to be able to track me because of my computer's IP and towers and and stuff like that but this gives us a little bit more anonymity because what this tool does is it searches from a location so it allows me to let's say I'm in Ashland Oregon uh search for a carpet cleaner in let's choose the middle of California San Jose so the way that we do this is as long as we're open in a incognito window again you're not sure how to do that you'd right click a link and you'd say open an incognito window and here we are and so we're going to look for a carpet cleaner and we're going to search and we're going to go with San Jose United States English we're going to be searching the Google search Google Maps is the equivalent of when you go to Google um this would be Google search and this would be Google Maps it's the same thing as your app and your phone if you're doing Google Maps or location it's going to use maps data and we're just going to look at search data first so we put in carpet cleaner and we're searching in San Jose California United States English that's preset that's preset and we're going to check search results now it's given me all the pages the first 10 pages of the search results for that term from that location best as they can when I open this I want to rightclick it and say open link in a new tab and it's opened up right here the reason why I do that is because if I were to just click it it refresh this window and I might want to go on to page two or page three if I don't find myself on page one in order to properly track where I'm at now by default Google shows about 10 organic search results on the homepage unless it has infinite scrolling on which it appears to have here so we're going to say carpet cleaner now here's the first issue that you run into with doing some sort of search and that is the term carpet cleaner is what we call a keyword um and when people are searching a keyword is really just the intention that they're putting in so they typed in carpet cleaner and Google has to decide did they mean I'm better at finding information so I can help you make good choices hey Google off apparently it's listening to me you know help the search engine decide um uh you're on oh uh admin ask I am on the CFI website and I don't see the members tab at the top of the homepage that is because you are not logged into your account so the search engine has to decide um do they mean a carpet cleaning machine or do they mean a person to come and carpet clean so this is the first issue that you'll find with looking for keywords so let's try this easier and try Carpet Cleaning Service this will help us just be sure that we're getting a service-based business now do some people type in carpet cleaner initially when they're looking yeah and if you can show up at the top of that that's great but you got a lot of competition not only local competition for a term like that but you have national competition for People pump pumping money into people trying to buy products and that's a that's a competitive field that we're probably just not going to win in uh but if you can't get into uh your account at this point admin you can use the link that's in the web chat to get to what we're currently looking at so I put in carpet cleaning service to verify that we're looking for a service again San Jose and again Google search we're given the first 10 pages of results we're going to open that in a new window so we can take a look now when we're looking at these here's a good example here on the site this is our a a generalized search result of what we're looking at we're looking at the ad pack which is the paid ads those are ads that people pay for through Google AdWords and that's a different fight than search optimization it's definitely a worthy fight but it's a different one and it's a more expensive fight your map pack is going to be only local results of course we want to be there but let's say we have a business in San Jose but we service outlying areas the further away from the location we might not be in the map pack but people know that they're looking for services and not necessarily a location to go to so a lot of people just skim that but it's good to show up there too and then finally organic results so these are the two sections that we're really fighting to get into this one we can't get into without pay okay so what we did is we typed in our search typed in our location we brought up page one and on page one we see we have our ads we see we have our locations the first carpet cleaning San Jose Stanley uh Stanley Steamer and John and Suns carpet cleanings uh if that's any of you in the audience you're doing great uh uh if you're in San Jose and that's none of you well that's some of your competition right there and then of course we're always competing with Yelp and Andre's list and then we get down here to all Green carpet clean in San Jose so one way to let's say that we are Deluxe carpet cleaners DX carpet cleaning d ux okay and we've come to this page and we want to search for ourselves you can hit contrl F and you can see that it brought up a little search box up here in the top right so crlf and I can just type my uh my name and I can see here that I showed up under the top 10 best in San Jose that won't always show up there but it happens to and I can find my listing and I can count my way down I can see 1 2 3 four five I am ranking fifth if I am Delux Deluxe Deluxe I don't know it's making me think of Doctor Who if I'm Deluxe carpet cleaning I ranked number five in San Jose for the search term carpet cleaning services uh did that make any sense did I go too fast if I'm going too fast or if you me to hit something else again feel free to uh pop it into the chat there and I will be sure to see it or ask the question in the question and answers so on this page um I've provided a bunch of keywords at the bottom and I'm going to explain again that keywords are and intentions so a lot of people when they say oh well what do you rank for carpet cleaning or what do you rank for this or what do you rank for that you know I would say statistically it moves around a lot but you know we're looking at like 40% of people type in directly carpet cleaning San Jose but most people type in variations um trains of thought uh carpet cleaner San Jose a cheap you know carpet cleaner San Jose help San Jose carpet cleaning they'll they'll just put them in as as random words and so on and so forth so that's where keeping track of your rankings overall becomes very large and and daunting it because right here I have a list of just really basic um keywords that people can track and so we have Carpet Care Carpet Care near me um here's something interesting for you to take a look at uh I did it right there Trends Google so let's take a look at Carpet Cleaning now this is Google Trends it'll show me the the popularity of Search terms over a period of time so we'll go from for all time we can see we have a pretty consistent search term for carpet cleaning but we can see with the rise of the cell phone and people searching from their exact location they've started using the word carpet cleaning near me and if I add that and take this away we can see a massive spike in the use of the term so that's why we use such a weird term like near me because it's become standard for people to utilize that when when typing in terms so here we have a large collection of keywords and you might be thinking to yourself like this is daunting this is this could be 400 keywords you know I tend to track from my clients I tend to track 50 keywords that are relatively loose uh keywords and by loose I mean Carpet Care Services carpet cleaning not something like carpet cleaning that provides the best service or the best carpet cleaning in San Jose which would be called a longtail these are just short tail keywords and I tend to track 50 of them because they give me a general good idea and then I can do oneoff trackingsm at all of these so what I'll do when I get a client or when you're looking at your own rankings is I'll look up a bunch of these and I'll find someplace that business is doing good and then I'll exploit that now I'll keep working on the other things you know we want to get up there you know you got to build that up but if we can take just this little Spike that's doing pretty well and open that up you know you can get a lot more traffic from very little effort by finding something you're already succeeding at without even having try it especially if you're just getting started here and you find that oh profess professional tile care I'm doing great at that you know I should ramp up my content and and stuff like that about professional tile care which of course in the future we'll talk about building up content and doing that sort of thing right now we just want to see if you can find where you're ranking and where your competitors are ranking um if anybody has any questions on that um I can answer them or we can uh move on I'm going to move on but uh feel free to pop them up there if you have any questions so the other really sort of important thing that I figured we'd talk about tonight that could really help a business immediately is reviews uh the thing that really brought this to mind is I just recently lost a carpet cleaning client who was um had two bad reviews uh he had five star ratings doing great um he just had these two bad reviews and he wanted them gone and uh I tried and I tried I went after Google I submitted things I did all the stuff and uh we just couldn't get rid of them and and and he was right they weren't really his clients he went through his own stuff it was some sort of spam problem or something um he had a very typical business name so we weren't sure if they were coming from another business uh but he knew they weren't his because he went through his rosters to try to find those names um to try to find those names and he couldn't find them so he knew that they they weren't his clients but he just couldn't let it go ELO I will get to you uh in that how do you know your rank is is it map and organic placement yes so uh Eloy I'll come back to you uh Daryl will answer you right now while we got this open it is map and organic placement that is right sorry I'm Hoying all over the place so as we said here with uh Deluxe carpet cleaning we counted our way down five so we're skipping the map when I choose my rankings um I would be one two three four five because we're just looking at the organic ranking so we're leaving out the ads we're leaving out the maps if I were to do this in the map pack I would come back here and search again so carpet cleaning service again San Jose okay and I'm going to select Google Maps now these results will be the same results that show up in a phone searching from this location realize again location can be very wishy-washy because you're being pinged a lot of times along the way and Google's trying to figure that out search engines we trying to figure that out I got to make sure not to talk to my machine uh so here we brought up the map Ms and I would bring that up in a new window again and these would be the map rankings and again I would skip ads so I'm looking at one 2 3 4 five 6 seven Deluxe carpet and upholstery cleaning is seven in the map pack hopefully that answers your question darl and uh you know people use a lot of fancy ways to track this stuff um but uh frankly I think just a spreadsheet is probably best for you you know best way to learn is a spreadsheet because any other tool you're using is basically just a fancy interface for a spreadsheet you know uh okay and Eloy had a question I only rank first in my own City how can I also rank from other near cities well uh there are a couple things to do there and I don't mind switching over to answering these questions because I'm sure they're helpful um if you only rank locally in your city it's because Google thinks that that's the only place that you offer services or you're just thoroughly outranked by other people so both of those things are probably going on so in Google business profile um Eloy do you have a Google business profile it used to be called Google my business that is where you register your business with Google and so uh Google business profile so it's buus and I will pop that in the chat just in case anybody wants to take a look at that so in this when you register your business with Google perhaps you've heard of people getting a postcard back in the Mayo with their uh with their activation code or you've dealt with that with your with your marketing company that's what they're doing here they're registering your business with Google and then Google's sending you a postcard Eloy says he has it and then you you verify that so once you're in there you have the ability to um tell them that you're either a location or service-based business and in that service-based business you can tell them that you serve other areas which it's sounding to me like Eloy has already done but anybody who's doing this you want to make sure that you're represented with the right service categories and the right locations that's going to help Google tie you down to where you're at the other way to do this is to represent it on your website you know um let's say I serve as San Jose and I serve as cam you know I build out a landing page for San Jose and Campbell and they will have different words totally unique content I don't want to copy this page over and just put it over there I want to treat each uh City that I work in with the gold that that that it deserves but um by representing it on your website you're making that connection between the Google business profile and your website and those service areas now once you've done both of those things of course there's more advanced things by writing posts that cover areas around and triangulates the area so let's say I work an area up here and there's a park up here and there's a business up here and there's something else down here I might write a blog post that mentions all of those things um in order to triangulate my area a little bit better but coming out of the gate I would say Google business profile number one and number two be sure that you represent that area also on your website uh okay so this is going to segue a little bit into the difficulty that we all have and I say we all because I may not be a carpet cleaner but I am an owner operator I'm I'm a oneman show um that's not to say that I don't Outsource and work with other people or or anything like that but but uh I'm the front and and the inner workings of my business so I'm not unlike a owner operator carpet cleaner and the hardest thing about doing this is really switching hats and Switching gears um I wrote this down for an example um a a carpet cleaner works for a company and a business business owner owns a company you need to remember that you're as an owner operator you are an owner first and an operator second you own a company and just to illustrate that you're a business owner not a carpet cleaner uh if somebody offered you 10 times more money to start cleaning ceilings instead of carpeting you would take it that's because you're a business owner not a carpet cleaner you know and if that's the new industry well then that's the new industry uh uh you take it so the really hard part here and it's very true when it comes to reviews is that detaching yourself um from your feelings about your own operation you know uh so I just put this down here to give us some sort of like idea of all the things that you do so let's say you answer the phones when you answer the phones first you Market well that's you you're a marketing guy you're not a carpet cleaner you're not a business owner you're a marketing guy and then you receive the phone call well you're none of those things now you're administrative and then when you're doing the work you're back to operations um when you're managing your client relationships or dealing with uh reviews your client Outreach and you know when you're staying up to date or an Enthusiast when you develop new Services your R&D and that might sound ridiculous and be all like du I know all this stuff but other companies actually have individuals that that do all of these things um blogging is relevant can you elaborate more absolutely so there are roughly two different types of content there's what's called copy or copy written content and then there's editorial now this is loose and vague so use your imagination here because of course there's thousands of different ways to do this but this will get you your mind wrapped around it when when I have a website I have my copy Pages those pages are my service pages so carpet cleaning and let's say uh what's your name there sir Roby Harris Let's Pretend you're in Reading California um carpet cleaning reading that's one of my pages that page is built to sell it's built to inform them of what I'm worth what I'm going to do for them how to get in touch with me let's make it happen that's quick concise and to the point your blog would be more focused towards teaching or educating and I don't mean educating how to take care of your own carpet although that might be a part of it educating them on how to deal with any of it so look at it this way when when a person goes to make a purchase we look at it like they convert okay they showed up they converted we got their money it's done but that's not what's really going on so my wife and I she starts thinking about well I think we need to clean the carpets or the cat did something Shady in a in a closet and we need to we need to clean that up well the first thing she does is how do I take care of this cat mess in the closet looks it up well if she lands on your carpet cleaning site she's goes oh well that's roby's site oh oh that's some good information I'll have to try that or she says I'm not willing to put in any effort might as well call this guy okay so after that I go and I try it and then phase two is yeah I just don't know how much does it cost well let's research the cost Roby comes up oh that's how much it costs well I think I'll try it myself first but or that's a good cost I'm going to do that and then let's say I want it now now you got to realize all three of those things that I just said are entirely different intentions and when we talked about Search terms our Search terms are intentions so they're going to type in entirely different things if they want to look into how to take care of it themselves they say how do I clean up the cat's mess in the closet it comes up there's your answer we're here to do it for you perfect stage one they say how much does it cost to take care of the cat's mess in the closet we come up stage two there's an answer for you you can take it you can leave it we showed up and then stage three I need carpet cleaning now and then we show up so so as you blog you basically are allowed to educate and catch up on all the people which frankly is most of them that aren't in the I want to buy right this moment category does that make sense I guess it'll take a while but uh hopefully that made sense if you have any more questions uh feel free to pop them up in there but yeah the diversity of your content now of course you want it all to be relevant you know but uh there are lateral industries that you could move into you know um uh you know uh of course carpet cleaning and pets are going to run hand inand so um you know you can suck up some information uh that way but your blog is really to get the person who's not sure yet most most of your competitors websites are going to be built in a way that are solely to get to the person who wants to convert and convert now but most traffic is not there yet uh okay so I was talking about all the difficulty of of changing hats As you move from topic to topic you know to get the work done and that changing the Hat there is no place in the world that it is more important than when you're dealing with reviews because as I was saying it's your work and somebody has written on some website how much you suck you know it's hard to detach yourself from that but you have to do it you have to do it because you have to remember when you're out there communicating with people it's not you it's your business it's your willingness to do the work and and and get the money and do you want to make that more difficult on yourself or do you want to make that easier on yourself so it's very often that I guess the point is in my example with the client that I lost he just couldn't let go of the fact that these reviews couldn't get fixed he moved on to another company in order to try to get those reviews fixed I followed it for a little while uh they weren't gone because I mean I was curious you know uh if there's some method there that I don't know of of how to get down these these um bad reviews well then uh I'm I'm not aware of it and um you know at the time he was talking about like letting it all go he's oh I just don't want to deal with any of this I don't want to deal with the internet I don't want to De and like it all sounds I'm I'm sure it's all sounding very easy to you when you're in in your calm frame of mind going like yes of course I will conduct myself with the utmost of of of of goodness you know but but people get heated and you'd be surprised so you should always respond to your reviews But be sure to give yourself time and even better is get somebody else to respond to them if you can uh all right Daryl keywords on your website where do they go in picture descriptions paragraphs or both um let's try to put this in a way that's not going to open a huge can of worms because when you're dealing with keywords you don't want to keyword stuff or make it unnatural but you want to naturally put them wherever you can that makes sense you know the point is to make your writing legible you want people to read it and not to find it daunting so if it's highly repetitive nobody's going to want to read it they're going to spam signal that right away not only will the search engine spam signal it but any reader will read it and go oh yeah this person is is trying to trick me um so they definitely go in the paragraphs I would say if you had to one place to drop them in the actual page on the page I would put it in your headers because that's what's going to clarify so a web page is built not un like a school outline for paper you got your heading you got your context you know so you got a H1 a heading one and you got a heading three no there's a heading two goes in between you know it's it's it's structured very much like a school paper so so anybody reading that including a search engine if they saw it in the title this you know uh our carpet cleaner services they understand that even if the exact phrase is not represented in the paragraph below that that's what the paragraph's about so at that point you're maybe using some synonyms but where would I put it I would put it once or twice in the content I'd put it in the headers and the image description the title tag and The Meta description I mean that's a that's a long list um but I would make sure that it's represented in all those areas and whatever you do don't overdo it um there's quite a bit of tools out there that'll tell you the keyword density in a in a piece of text like you you put in um the words uh SEO book keyword density this one's a fairly easy one uh you would have to create an account but I'll pop it in the chat for you just in case uh if you're interested uh the account is free easy um let's see yeah I'm in an incognito window so I'm not logged in but it it's a free account and you you use that tool it'll tell you like 3.7% contains the exact match and and allow you to see what your competitors are doing and then up or lower your keyword density based on what they're doing okay Maria nunz has asked always or has stated always answer reviews I've noticed many companies don't answer to negative yet it shows the type of company you are I believe a company uh needs the good and the bad you know not only you think that but so do most people who purchase so if you just have straight a lot of the time if you're looking for a service company I've known a lot of people I've known my wife to do this uh I use my wife as an example because I'm your stereotypical uh husband who rightly would probably die without her making all these calls and figuring these things out so she's my my go-to example sometimes if she's not sure about a purchase she'll scroll to the negative reviews to see how they were dealt with and how they were responded or to see if what the person was saying was completely ridiculous and then she'll know or have a better idea of the reality of how long this will last uh think about clothing or or buying Electronics you know you want to see people's bad experiences too so you can get a good idea of like are people just being freaky about nothing something that I can totally handle so that's definitely out there and you'll find that um dealing with reviews in a way that can change the way not only that person perceives you and sometimes you're chasing down these reviews trying to make it right and it's a loss you know it's not going to fix it it's not going to be better for you you know um it's not going to be uh sorry I'm reading over the side here it's not going to be perfect with them but it is creating a trail and a chain of you caring about customers and believe me that really does come through it comes through all the more in this massive World online where nobody really does you know so so set your pride away you get a bad review um we'll go over a couple of ways to to deal with that um but first I'll answer a question here in chat from uh young Steve is there anything that you do as a web master that is behind the screen that Google Sees but consumers don't see that's a leading question I like that uh yes but the there's a lot of things that that we do back there but let's let's try to address maybe something that you can do yourself every website builder almost every website builder you know I don't want to speak in absolutes um will have page settings for search engine optimization in there you have What's called the title tag and The Meta description and you guys might have heard this as code behind um or uh meta information um meta I know it's a big trendy word here but all it really means is um information that is above and with and outside the current information that's used for cataloging that's really what you know uh meta has different words meanings in people's lives but but that's all it really means in code and so there is the title tag and The Meta description and we can actually see the title tag right now if you go up here this is one place where the title tag is actually used for visual purposes um it shows up at the top of the tag so we were looking at a carpet cleaner let's take a look at uh Deluxe there who we're picking on for the day let's see if they got uh anything we like so they do Residential carpet commercial carpet let's go with residential carpet you can see there is their title tag showing up right there and this is just technical I don't expect any of you to care or do this but if I look in the code I can see the title tag is resident carpet cleaning San Jose Deluxe carpet cleaning San Jose so any practically any um search or uh what's called a CMS content management system but basically any website builder is going to have those options for you now they're all placed in different places for them but uh they tend to be fairly well out there and a simple search is going to show you uh how to find that so if anybody has any specifics uh we should probably get a contact form up on the site solely for this and I can address those questions uh as we come in there but uh I guess while we're here Steve to give you a more in-depth answer this says residential carpet cleaning San Jose Deluxe that's good so there's a limit to how many characters you can put in and this looks like they filled the right about the amount of characters somewhere around 158 160 the reason why it changes is it's actually not characters as much as it is pixels and different characters have a different with but um around 158 but here they uh carpet cleaning San Jose carpet cleaning San Jose they doubled up um which isn't going to hurt them but it isn't going to help them either it doesn't like double get the point across the Google what does get the point across the Google is where you put it in the title tag which again is this applies to uh everything headers too just like we were talking earlier with darl about where to put those um keywords in your header the closer to the beginning gives it weight just like it does in the English language so you know uh I walked to the store I walked that's the important part that store I walked there earlier the store is the important part so in our language we naturally do this so again naturally you know put that stuff at the beginning uh now of course there are a lot of other code behind situations uh to deal with but those are the two biggest ones title tags and metad descriptions if you want to take a note I'll put down here in the chat title tags and meta descriptions hopefully that's spelled well you can look in whatever your website builder is built with and you can search those terms in order to better figure out where to put that okay not too far from the end here so I'm just covering uh some information real quick and answering anything that comes up in chat so if you got it on your mind get it into chat now because when I'm leaving it's gone no just G all right so um we left off talking about dealing with negative reviews and uh here on the site we have examples for how to deal with negative viws I'm going to pop one into chat so you can maybe uh utilize that if you want to or maybe it's easier to read there while it's not on my screen uh hi reviewer name while I totally agree that the situation is quite frustrating we believe that this issue was an isolated incident we'd appreciate the opportunity to contact you a second chance please contact the company company email and allow us the opportunity to book your next reservation this will ensure that we take all the necessary steps so um uh Maria if you're CFI member by logging into your CFI website account and taking a look here um under the members tab if you need help with that uh you are welcome to uh contact me um let's see did I spell my name right there's my email if you need help uh yeah these are templates and you would find those by uh logging in going to online marketing and at this point example responses to negative reviews is where it's located but this is going to grow over time uh so that navigation is going to change um in order to better organize things but I wanted to have something here to go along with the show so that if anybody needed it in the future so the point of what we're looking at here is a whole lot of hissing behind with uh this response but there was something sneaky we just did in this response we basically told them oh we're so sorry we're totally going to help you oh we want to help you and we do but some people are unpleasable but we want to help you um we said please contact company email and allow us the opportunity to book your next reservation or please email us with your contact information so that we have the opportunity to address your review what we're trying to do there is get the negativity out off of the internet and into our inbox and then that way we can do our best we can do our best to try to make them happy and and of course that should be your goal you know there there're are totally unreasonable people but most people are not unreasonable when they're coming in with a problem when they're coming in with a problem it's either because they don't understand or because you made a mistake some people are just totally unreasonable if you find that everybody you're dealing with is unreasonable I don't know how to break this to you but I think it might be you you know most people are not unreasonable so we want to try to fix their problem but let's say we can't fix their problem for one we fix their problem offline they change their review or or they say thank you I'll do that so a lot of the time here's what they do we put that in there and they say oh thanks I'll do that or something like that and then they just never follow up but it looks like they did uh or they come over to us and we deal with them and we get them happy and then we do the job and we say all right are you happy great can you can you do me a favor and go put that in your review about how we made this right that's great too but let's say that person's unpleasable not able to be pleased whatsoever well instead of a long drawn out conversation on Yelp about how they're just not happy it's now a long drawn out conversation in your inbox that nobody will ever see but you so we want to try to get that review situation we want to try to get that negative review situation offline not by removing it but by moving the conversation to our inbox moving it to a private location you always want to deal with them publicly but you want to move it to a private location to try to fix it because that way it can either be petered out or it can be fixed at which point you can ask them to go over there and take care of it uh okay so um we're about at the end here I don't want to go into any two more uh big topics before so we can just recap here and you guys can utilize this uh I had the most frustrating situation client never used us and kept commenting negative reviews took it so far and insulting my office staff at the point what do you do she never used us I didn't want to ignore it but don't know how to even deal with it um most people can tell when when somebody is is being unreasonable so if you so your first step would be to realistically maybe something could have been done to get that conversation off of Yelp to begin with if if you had come into it in a different way like something like this but that's not guaranteed so I get what you're saying um if they if they just keep drawing it out online you can say and I'm not happy with this that or the other thing you can say I've asked you to give me a call so that we could work this out and I haven't heard from you but maybe in your case you have heard from them and you still gave them an answer they don't like and then they go up there and and um and say something um you can basically just try to end the conversation now of course you want to do everything you can first within reason uh but you know try to end the conversation by saying you know I'm I'm totally sorry that you feel this way we tried everything we could to make it right and and um I I wish it would have worked out and once again I'm sorry and and then they'll come back and be all whatever man your office staff is ugly you know and you'll just leave it dead air you know you'll end on the high note you'll take the higher ground and it was a hit that it sounds like you were going to take anyway so at least you got to take it with some uh take it with some class um did that help you know and again this is a prime example of uh as Maria was saying here it's a prime example of an easy opportunity to just get wrapped up not only in insults towards you but insults towards this that and the other thing you know there are what was it the last World census or in the news it came out that there are eight billion people on the planet uh you're not going to make even a small portion of those people happy with the with the way you act or or they all got their own opinions and so on and so forth and so if you're dealing with a public facing service-based industry you know uh just be ready to shrug it off and say you know I did my best and this stuff really helps you know because you go in you do your best you say I really tried I really tried to do my best and I left it like a like a classy person and it just didn't work out uh I film all my clients and then post them to YouTube wait what not even sure I want to read this out loud uh it's a way of transparency I oh all my cleanings sorry my glasses and post them to YouTube it's a way of transparency showing potential clients how we can it's probably a it's probably also a great way to to create the hardest thing for any cleaning service to create and that would be social media content because you know a cleaner is not unlike a lawyer you know you don't really want to think about him until you need one uh her house very greasy was that a bad idea yeah so there might be something there um I don't know if you should be you should probably just be doing that with clients that you have permission and that you have straight up asked and you know somebody with more legal uh knowledge than I would probably tell you that you needed that in writing so there is something to be said for that uh so I'm not sure Daryl but I'll look into it that's for sure all right uh well we've hit the end of the night uh hopefully you enjoyed listening to me ramble off for an hour uh we'll be doing this next month so get your questions ready and uh I will be happy to answer them thank you Chanty you're welcome Eloy and I'll talk to you guys soon have a good evening oh once again this has been uh online marketing explained
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