Meet the Experts with Steve Johnson

Discover why you should really consider Encapsulation as one of your cleaning methodsif you don’t already. Learn about the chemistry behind it and the proper application for carpets – commercial and residential, rugs and upholstery. Get a deeper understanding of this high productivity/profit cleaning method and it’s advantages and appropriate expectations for you and the client.

Our Guest, Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson has been a dedicated and respected individual in our industry for 35 years. Prior to coming to work for Bridgewater, Steve ran his own high-end residential cleaning business in Salt Lake City, UT and was very successful. Steve has been an IICRC Instructor and has written, developed, and taught countless other classes, seminars, and workshops covering nearly every aspect of the industry from cleaning and restoration to marketing and management courses. Steve is heavily involved in Aramsco and Interlink Supply’s ongoing R & D efforts and developmental programs and his knowledge and enthusiasm in the industry is very evident in the projects he is involved in and the classes he teaches.

Meet the Experts with Robert Mann

About Our Expert, Robert Mann of RMOR.

Robert Mann

February 1978 Robert Mann began a career in the rug repair business apprenticing to an Iranian gentleman in Denver. As he had travelled extensively in rug producing countries it all made sense.

He then worked for rug shops and dealers doing basic repairs. When rugs were dirty, they would clean them in the bathtub, or out in the driveway.

Based in Boulder Robert Mann Oriental Rugs grew slowly. In January 1982 he opened a small wash plant in a shop front on 32nd Avenue in Northwest Denver and hired two employees. In 1984 he moved to a large warehouse on Walnut Street and moved again in 2009 to a larger space on Race Court just north of the Denver Stockyards complex. With a staff of twenty they had become a small business.

A Denver County plan to redevelop the Stock Yards caused RMOR to move again. In August 2018, after four years of negotiation and hard work, they moved to a new location at 2151 W56th Avenue. Their new home is a 24,000 square foot state of the art facility for rug cleaning and restoration.

RMOR specializes in the care of Oriental and Southwestern rugs and textiles. They offer a range of services; repairs, restoration, mounting, appraisal, and expert consultation. Also, they buy and sell antique rugs and textiles. Their clients include private individuals, dealers and institutions. The work ranges from cleaning residential rugs to large scale grant-funded projects for major museums. They offer restoration services at the Denver facility and also at a partner workshop, Antique Textile Conservation, in Izmir, Turkey.

They have worked worldwide, providing technical and production design assistance to producers of new hand-made carpets in nearly all of the major rug producing countries.

If you have a question, provide it on the chat. Robert will answer as many questions as time permits.

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