Online Marketing Explained Webinar Series

Hosted by Chauncey Haworth

Online Marketing Explained Featured

A Webinar for Carpet Cleaners, Cleaning Professionals, and Floor Care Companies

What You’ll Learn

  1. Understanding the importance of online marketing in the carpet cleaning industry.
  2. Digital marketing channels and their relevance.
  3. Creating a Strong Online Presence
  4. Social Media Strategies for Carpet Care Professionals
  5. Online Advertising Techniques
  6. Local SEO for Carpet Cleaning Businesses
  7. Content Marketing Strategies
  8. Email Marketing Best Practices
  9. Online Reviews and Reputation Management
  10. Understanding Analytics and Data
  11. Building Customer Loyalty Online
  12. And a Whole Lot More!!!
Chauncey Haworth

Your Host, Chauncey Haworth

Online Marketing and SEO Specialist

Chauncey is a skilled Digital Marketing Strategist and Web Developer dedicated to boosting carpet cleaning businesses. Specializing in SEO, he utilizes a range of tactics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlinks, to propel clients to the top of the search results. With a keen eye on digital marketing trends, he keeps clients ahead of the curve by staying informed about emerging technologies, algorithm updates, and best practices. Join Chauncey for valuable insights that empower carpet cleaning professionals

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