Chapter report for the meeting hosted by Cole’s Carpet on the evening of February 20, 2019.

CFI had as guest speaker’s Mrs. Beverly Stone & her business partner/assistant Mr. Rene Nariz from BJS Insurance Services Inc. from Southern California. They spent part of the evening sharing valuable insights and information to CFI members on the importance of Disability Insurance coverage. As independent service providers in the cleaning industry, we have to find ways of protecting the most valuable asset we bring to our business, which is our health. When we are presented with a medical emergency or any serious impediment which threatens our financial livelihoods at home, we are presented with challenges on being able to have some financial stability and security to weather the crises. Having peace of mind by incorporating a reasonably affordable solution is key to helping run a business that is one step closer to being stress-free. Beverly and her team are advocating for the insurance companies to create a program specifically tailored to fit and offered to small to medium-sized businesses like CFI as a group pricing option. We look forward to having many CFI members take that step toward financial stability once the insurance program is made available in the next few weeks or months.

Our second guest Mr. Akex Khodadad of Delphi Realty Group came as an advisor based on his Marketing knowledge and experience through online social media. He is sought after throughout the country to provide workshops on the importance and power of social media and professional networking with other business professionals in any service market. We appreciate the time that Alex gave insight as well as visual examples of what types of marketing help to brand our company name as well as company image. CFI is on track to utilize the potential growth of its membership by spreading the word about who we are and what our vision is through its online presence as well. Having advice from a service professional like Alex who has built a name, as well as a company brand from the ground up, is very helpful in learning what pitfalls to avoid along the way.

CFI thanks all the special guests that gave their time and resources to spend an evening with us. We look forward to having them visit us in the near future and share any updates or nuggets of wisdom for our members soon.


Jose Solorzano
Central Coast California Director

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute