Miguel Rodriguez

Hi, my name is Miguel Rodriguez. I’m from Zacatecas, Mexico. I’m 47 years old and I’ve spent most of my life dedicated to the carpet cleaning industry, water restoration and upholstery cleaning. I didn’t choose this industry, but I’m proud of it and I choose to live according to it.

I’m the father of two children, both of whom attend university. Although my children are in university, both of them actively participate in our industry as my apprentices.

I’ve been in the carpet cleaning industry for 32 years, so I’m very familiar with most things, either the easy way or the hard way. For most of my experience, I’ve dedicated my work to Sequoia Carpet Cleaning, located in East Palo Alto and I serve most of the peninsula locally. I started working in the carpet cleaning industry with no experience at all. My job was simply to receive and prepare the carpets to be cleaned. Thanks to my experience, I quickly learned the most effective way to clean to get the best results. This knowledge and skill learned has become the standard at Sequoia. I hope to be able to share my knowledge and years of experience with those who need it.

In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, my area of expertise is:

  • Water restoration and structural drying
  • Oriental rug cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and restoration
  • Tile floor cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance

One thing I personally believe is that there is always room to learn and share with our changing industry. I always keep in mind that I have no competition other than myself. “I am my own competition, which helps me succeed.”

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute