Roby Harris

Roby Harris III
President, CFI

Be Ready for the Unexpected

In the early 1980’s there was no such thing as “biohazard cleaning” or “trauma scene remediation”. If a home was contaminated with blood, body fluids, or other potentially infectious bloodborne pathogens due to an animal accident or animal related event the family would be responsible for cleaning. Or they call their local carpet cleaner.

Being prepared for challenging cleaning situations like dealing with potentially infectious body fluids involves having good communication skills, training, and experience.

I myself have never cleaned in biohazards dealing with human trauma, however when it comes to animals, yes many. Being ready for the unexpected is a must in the carpet cleaning world. I want to share with you a job I was called out on…

I will never forget the call I received as a referral 20 plus years ago. Hundreds of black birds flew down the chimney of a client’s house and literally took over the inside and outside of the home. When I drove up to the owner’s home, the owner and her daughter were sitting in the car with birds sitting on top of the car, the house, and front porch. I had truly walked into the movie “The Birds”!

Cleaning up after animal related incidents or biohazard contamination such as blood, body fluids and excrement requires special training, knowledge, and precautions. Having the proper protective gear like a respirator (face masks designed for biohazard situations), gloves, protective over suits, and proper footwear are a must. The use of appropriate cleaners and disinfectants are required.

There are all types of situations when it comes to animals. The dog that cut a paw and bleed all over the carpet…the skunk or raccoon that died under the house…or the squirrel that found their way into the attic and could not get out and now you have a dark spot wicking through the ceiling in the living room. The Buck, who saw his reflection during rutting season in the sliding glass door and jumped through the glass doors cutting himself and bled out in my client’s home. These are all true stories and experiences I have gone through over the last 30 years of cleaning. I have taken on the easy ones – and referred out those that are above and beyond my expertise and training.

Having the proper training through the IICRC and continuing education with the CFI is critical. Now, let’s remember guys and gals, a biohazard can be as small as soiled underwear that you accidentally vacuum up from under the bed to birds invading a home…so be ready for the unexpected!

Save the dates! Below is a look at what 2024 has to offer along with the links and information for each opportunity. Your presence is awaited at each event. At CFI, it’s not just education; it’s a lifetime experience. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Roby Harris III

President, CFI


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