Longevity … we all want it …. we all strive for it …. but how do you achieve it? I would say the answer lays in looking at those, who have achieved it. CFI has achieved longevity.

One of the ways CFI has achieved longevity is by collaborating with Associate Members and supporting and giving back to Firm Members. CFI is made up of Members, for Members, together we care for one another and together we support each other. Your Board of Directors are industry business men and women who have the same challenges. CFI doesn’t turn a blind eye or deaf ear to our struggles, we look for solutions and resolutions to help members achieve their goals and assure longevity. Each and every one of us has value and can contribute to assure longevity.

In keeping pace with our competitive industry and to provide support to membership, CFI continues to evolve and strives to give value to membership.

I encourage you to get involved in CFI on some level. This can be as simple as attending or hosting Chapter meetings, supporting your Director or attending an event or class. The relationships you build with other members, builds a foundation, money can’t by and will last a life time.

I am proud to serve as CFI’s 65th President and I envision a stronger CFI in the years to come.

Happy anniversary CFI and to all the members who make up the legacy of CFI.



65 years is a testament to CFI’s strength and commitment to its members.

The Carpet and FabriCare Institute